Wednesday, 31 December 2008

North Rosedale Part 4 - Rocky Beach

Above: approaching from North Rosedale down the track

Above: The magnificent spotted gums

Above: From the bottom of the track at North Rosedale, looking towards the beach

Above: Across the rock platform - beach at the left

Above: Approaching the beach

Above and Below: Heading off for a spot of morning snorkelling

There are only a couple of ways to get to this beach, known to locals as Rocky Beach - round the headlnad and past the "Pirate Cave" from Boatshed Beach, or down the track at the end of Yowani Rd in North Rosedale (or via direct access from properties that edge the beach.

It's one of the numerous hidden beaches and coves that make this part of the coast so attractive, particularly with the trees reaching the shoreline.

Monday, 29 December 2008

North Rosedale Part 2 - the "Pirate's Cave"

As you round the headland between Boatshed Beach and North Rosedale, a large fiisure in the rock platform looms. We always call it the "Pirate Cave". You can walk around it, carefully. One day it may break through onto Boatshed Beach ceating an arch, or the rocks may cave in from above and block passage along the rocks.

About here is where it would break through:

Sunday, 28 December 2008

28 December 2008. North Rosedale Part One - Rounding the Headland.

Photos above: The point between Boatshed Beach part of Rosedale Beach, and North Rosedale.

Drove down yesterday; one of the longest trips ever - Saturday after Boxing Day. Saturday is also traditional "changeover day" for holiday lettings, which makes things busier. Drove through hot sultry temps (and the aircon in our car is kaput), then driving rain and thunderstorm, and finally pulled over when hail set in!

Still, got here safely, and this morning dawned bright. Up at 7 for a walk and photography session. This morning I concentrated on the North Rosedale Beach, around the headland from Boatshed Beach.

The next few entries are dedicated to North Rosedale.

Winter afternoon, Moruya River