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The "swimming pool" at South Rosedale

Rosedale is best known for its extensive surf beach.

Tucked away on the rock platform at the southern end, is this little swimming hole, which emerges when the tide is right.

I was staying at Rosedale in May, 2012. Usually the water is far to cold for swimming at that time of year. Not so on 12 May. It was beautiful!

Bermagui's Blue Pool (2 January 2012)

Bermagui is a Sapphire Coast town some 100 kms south of Rosedale. It's a great place for a day trip; there are a couple of good cafes, and the Blue Pool. 

According to local tales, Barbara Streisand and husband James Brolin stopped there to eat fish and chips when she toured Australia....they drove between gigs in Sydney and Melbourne. 

For some more historical information, see this entry on my Swimming Blog

One of my favourite Australian journalists, Lenore Taylor, recently had this to say about Bermagui's Blue Pool: 

"Blue Pool, Bermagui. 'When you face forward it’s just you and the endlessness of the ocean.' Photograph: Andrew Brown/Destination NSW There’s always that sense of smallness swimming in the sea, of how tiny you are relative to the ocean that stretches to the horizon and further. But swimming out from a beach you can keep a toehold on the familiar world of the land, reaching down with a foot for the reassurance of the sand as you swim, turning back to che…