Saturday, 1 January 1994

January 1994

"Boatshed Beach", North Rosedale:

Around the headland at North Roseale, there's a great incision - we call it the "pirate cave":
Piero, Rosedale Beach:

Looking towards South Rosedale:

Magpie visitor:

Guerilla Bay, south of Rosedale:

Sally reading:
Struggling with the shade thingy. Always more trouble than they're worth:
1994 was a bad bushfire year. Here's the aftermath of one at Mossy Point:

Burned trees behins an untouched cycad (Budawang 'palm')

And Sally, getting sicker and sicker, with the disease called pre-eclampsia (though she didn;t know it at the time). This resulted in a dash back to Sydney and the early appearance - 11 weeks early - of Ben!
Trying in vain to get my swollen hands and feet to settle down. It was this swelling, as well as, eventually, nausea, which tipped me off that something was wrong. There was a mere paragraph in a pregnancy book which mentioned that swollen hands and face, and ankles which didn't go down after being up, weren't exactly the norm!
Puffed up in pregnancy:

On a trip to Congo on about Jan 19, I felt really ill. Next day we rushed back to Sydney, and the day after that, Ben was born.

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Winter afternoon, Moruya River