Thursday, 1 January 2009

Rosedale mornings

Every holiday follows its own rhythms, even if it's in the same place as you've been many times before. People, moods, and if it's by the ocean, the beach and sea itself are different each time.
This holiday it was time to paint the house, and we're still trying to care for our health a little more. So, most mornings, Piero and I were up early. We tended to start the day with a walk, then come home for breakfast, and then get stuck into painting the house. The 'Fibro Majestic' was in dire need of an outside paint job, and it got the works. So, lots of morning shots of the beach this time around, at least from the early part of the holiday. After the painting was done, I tended more towards later afternoon!

The Tussle
07:00 7 Jan 2009, Boatshed Beach
These gorgeous dogs were enjoying retrieving the stick their human friend, Ellen, was throwing into the sea.

The Snorkellers
7.52 am 28 Dec 2008. North Rosedale (aka Black Beach)

The Swimmers
8:21 am 28 Dec 2008. Boatshed Beach

The Paddler
8.26am 4 Jan 2009 Nun's Beach (aka Stinky's)

The Run
7:34 am 28 Dec 2008, Main Beach, Rosedale.

The Exercise
7:04 am, 28 Dec 2008. Boatshed Beach

The Bird
6:41 am, 28 Dec 2008
South Rosedale

The Fishers
Above: 7:09 AM. 7 Jan 2009

Above: 7:45am 4 Jan 2009

The Fishing Trip

A fishing trip which included my son (second from left), a friend, John, and his two sons, set out at 7:15 am from Moruya.

The Creek

Saltwater Creek, 6:17am
It reminds me of something Southern (America) Gothic ... all it needs is Spanish moss.
Taken from the footbridge, which we call 'Pooh Sticks Bridge', cos when the water is flowing, it's perfect for playing Pooh Sticks from.

The Lagoon

6:23 am, 7 Jan 2009

The Wave

6:35am 7 January 2009. Boatshed Beach.

The Trees

7:25am, 7 January 2009. South Rosedale

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The channel at Moruya

The exit from the Moruya River to the sea