Shallow Crossing

A da trip along River Road, which travels along the gorgeous Clyde River.
The Clyde is often billed as the cleanest river on the eastern seabord of Australia. No industrial or sewerage waste, no dams.

We went on a spectacular autumn day.

The guys from Shoalhaven Council were replacing the guide posts over the concrete ford

We were the first to cross with the new guide posts in place

We stopped and talked for a while

Ford every stream

We've arrived! Shallow Crossing
The shallow crossing

The shallow crossing
Looking upstream

Looking downstream

Looking downstream

Contemplating the Clyde

The picnic and camping area at Shallow Crossing

The road

Back at the ford

The Kings Highway - right to Canberra, left to Nelligan and Batemans Bay

The wharf at Nelligan
Clyde at Nelligan

Bridge at Nelligan

A welcome coffee at Nelligan


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