Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Saltwater Creek from footbridge to beach part 1

Saltwater Creek is another very special feature of the Rosedale environment. To read a study of this (and other similar brackish creeks in the area), see here. The study looked at water levels and openings to the sea.

Let's take a trip along Saltwater Creek, starting at the footbridge which joins South and North Rosedale, and heading to the beach.

The footbridge serves a very important social function by uniting the two parts of the Rosedale community, without having to either go out on to the road, or down to the beach.

It's also been the venue of various games of "Poohsticks" , and we usually refer to it as "Poohsticks Bridge" in our family. You can find out all about Poohsticks at this site.

Looking from south to north across the bridge:

Looking east, downstream, along the creek from the bridge:
Reflection, taken from the bridge:
Lookign west, upstream, from the bridge:
I even captured myself taking pics from the bridge:

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