Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Saltwater Creek - from footbridge to beach Part 2

Continuing our look at Saltwater Creek

I've now crossed the bridge to North Rosedale, and am following the track along the northern bank. Looking towards the beach:

Lookign across the creek, and upstream:
The plank placed across a swampy section:
From near the plank, looking upstream:
Across the creek towards Jimmie's:
Upstream from close to the beach end:
Looking south across the creek, with a good view of the stabilised dune behind Rosedale Beach:
This shows a panorama of the beach and the berm through which the creek occasionally is open to the sea (see the study linked in the previous post):

From the beach to, in the distance, the end of the creek, not open to the sea at this time:
The end of the creek - water level quite low. Occasionally it is quite deep here, and kids can be found playing in it (see pics here) :
The creek open to the sea, 2 August 2001:

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